Wedding Party

Weddings are always a special event and the most important day in the bride and groom’s life. On such a day transportation problem is the last thing you want to get tangled with. Going to Phoenix is always an exciting time may it be for a wedding or a bachelor/bachelorette party. Another fact about weddings is that everyone is so caught up in the preparation of the main events that transportation facilities are always neglected. In addition to that booking a flight and then renting a car can be a hassle and can be expensive at the same time. We at Jacob Transportation would be your one stop for all your transportation needs. We provide town cars, limousine or shuttle service for all kinds of purposes or events. We will be more than happy to remove the pressure of arranging transportation for your guests from your important day. We will not only be removing the unwanted pressure from your list but Jacob Transportation’s shuttle service can pick up your guests from anywhere in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This will also have you worry less about gathering your guests in the same area and on time.

Talking about transportation after the wedding, then you don’t have to worry about taking a big vehicle like a shuttle when there is always an option of going out in style on a private clean vehicle like a limousine or a party bus. Our staff are true professionals with many years of experience in driving, so you will not have to worry about your safety. Give us an opportunity to make your special day a grand one when it comes to the transportation part and we will make sure you remember it throughout your life along with the wedding kiss you would be sharing on the day.